The following is a list of RIAA Members (U.S. record companies that pay dues directly to the RIAA) as well as record companies that have content distributed ("distributed labels") by the U.S. major recorded music companies ("majors"). The names of distributed labels are reported to the RIAA periodically in connection with the collection of industry data. This list was last updated in October 2014, and is updated semi-annually.

Music services and other potential licensees should be aware that distributed labels who receive RIAA benefits because they are distributed by a major have not necessarily authorized the major to distribute or license all of that distributed label's content, or in all formats. Whether or not a major is authorized to distribute or license for a distributed label is governed by the contractual terms between the major and the distributed label, and licensees should not rely on a label's listing on this page as a substitute for specific inquiries concerning the scope of the major's authorization from the distributed label.

For a list of membership benefits, please see the Become A Member section of riaa.com here. If you are a distributed record label owner who would like your label to be removed from this list, please email RIAAMembership@riaa.com.

Xtra Life Records
Xtra Mile Recordings