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The Right Decision: A Treaty Spurned

December 14, 2012

RIAA supports the U.S. and other governments’ decisions to withdraw their support for a possible treaty at the ITU that would likely complicate issues related to Internet governance. We fully understand and support the desire of all nations to adopt sensible policies with regard to the Internet—both in terms of ensuring that Internet activities observe the rule of law, and in expanding broadband penetration to facilitate access and end the digital divide. We do not, however, believe that the ITU is best situated to achieve these laudable goals. Given the speed of technological development in this arena, we believe that questions related to the technical functioning of the Internet—i.e. Internet governance, are best left to an inclusive multi-stakeholder process that can quickly respond to challenges in Internet time. Vesting authority in the ITU, however, is not the solution, particularly given the overt interest of some countries to regulate the Internet in order to censor political speech or to otherwise limit the legitimate expression of views.

Neil Turkewitz
EVP, International