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Website Launch Gives Creators New Voice

May 18, 2011

The rampant online theft of music, movies and other innovative works is destroying jobs, opportunities and the careers of thousands of creative industry workers and artists.  That’s why the RIAA and other industry groups regularly support Congressional action to develop more effective laws that safeguard creators’ livelihoods and property.  What’s also important is that artists themselves have a say. 

This week The Copyright Alliance launched artistsagainstdigitaltheft.com to offer artists, musicians and all creative industry workers a new venue to voice how digital theft affects their trade and to support legislative solutions.  The site provides options ranging from artists emailing The Copyright Alliance to share their personal struggle with digital theft, accessing direct links to send messages to their local representatives and signing a petition asking Congress to take action against infringing websites that steal creators’ products and profitability.  All visitors to the site can find useful tips for writing letters to local newspapers or speaking up on blogs and listservs. 

Perhaps the easiest step of all – one anyone who believes that creative works have value and are worth protecting should consider –  is copying and sharing the readymade Tweets and Facebook updates that the group encourages supporters to offer.


Visit artistsagainstdigitaltheft.com today to learn more about the initiative and lend your voice to creators speaking up about their experiences battling digital piracy.


Liz Kennedy, Director, Communications, RIAA