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Welcome to the RIAA's New Website

April 25, 2011

If you’re reading this post then you’ve likely noticed that something is different about RIAA.com.  No need to clean your glasses, you’re where you intended to be and we’re happy you’ve stopped by.  For those interested, we’ve outlined a few details about our recently refreshed website.  All the basics are still here, while we’ve also added a few bells and whistles.  Highlights include:

•    Featured homepage album art to help fans find new music releases, artist’s websites and recent Gold & Platinum (G&P) program certifications
•    A click-to-buy music tool to make music discovery and purchasing easy from the RIAA’s homepage and G&P program searchable database
•    Easy access to legal music services licensed by the major music companies
•    New music resources that offer fans a sampling of websites where they can learn about new releases and where to get them
•    An improved Gold & Platinum searchable database to help users narrow their searches and find certifications faster
•    A Gold & Platinum News section exclusively for the RIAA’s G&P program news
•    Featured shipment statistics data from the RIAA’s database of year-end statistics where users can view, compare and export US music shipment data from 1973 to 2010
•    Links to music industry research on music theft’s impact, the industry’s economic contributions and more
•    Organized resources for parents, educators and copyright notice recipients including pamphlets, computer protection tips, curriculum for teachers and college administrators and information for digital music consumers
•    Of course more … but we’ll leave it to you to discover on your own.  Enjoy!