2007-2008 Year-End U.S. Shipment Numbers


2008-2009 Year-End U.S. Shipment Numbers

2008-2009 U.S. Manufacturers' Unit Shipments and Value Chart

The Manufacturers’ Unit Shipments and Dollar Value Charts provide current and last years’ U.S. recording industry data on key industry formats (CD’s, cassettes, downloads etc.). Shipment information is not displayed by genre.  See Music Consumer Profile. Older data back to 1973 is available by subscription only.  Learn about our new shipment statistics database subscription here.

2008-2009 Year-End Market Report on Latin Music Shipments

Because of Latin music’s importance to the American recording industry, the RIAA began collecting comprehensive shipment data from the Latin sector. These figures, which are incorporated into the overall U.S. Market Report, break out the amount of Latin product into the domestic marketplace. Latin music is defined as product 51% or more in the Spanish language.