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Because Music Matters, feat. The Beatles

August 18, 2011

What do Florence + the Machine, Janis Joplin, Jay-Z, Iron Maiden, Blind Willie Johnson and now The Beatles have in common? They are all featured in inspirational videos for the UK’s Music Matters campaign about the importance of music and its enduring value. The campaign, a collective effort by artists and others in the music community, launched in 2010 to encourage fans to support music creators by using legal sites and services that pay them.

Each animated video featured on the site tells its own story from the viewpoints of fan filmmakers or current artists paying tribute to their favorite musicians, ending with the phrase “…and that’s why music matters.” And each comes with a very special soundtrack. Check out the most recent addition from filmmaker Lee Gingold on legendary band The Beatles below and be sure to visit Music Matters’ special YouTube channel or its website to see shorts from all the creative artists and musicians who have contributed to this great campaign.

By Cara Duckworth Weiblinger, Vice President, Communications, RIAA