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June 28, 2022 | Music Notes Blog

RIAA Capitol Hill Mixtape with Congressman Jamaal Bowman

Capitol Hill Mixtape returns this month with Congressman Jamaal Bowman of New York. June is Black Music Month, and Congressman Jamaal Bowman is one of Capitol Hill’s top scholars of Hip Hop history and its deep roots in Black culture in America. Anyone familiar with Congressman Bowman knows that he is a Wu-Tang superfan, but I was grateful for the opportunity to hear from him about the deep influence Hip Hop had on his journey into public service. He also gave us his syllabus of classic Hip Hop records that he considers essential for young listeners—and a few members of his staff.

We think Congressman Bowman’s story is one that more people should know, so please make sure to catch this month’s episode. And, as always, thank you so much for continuing to tune into Capitol Hill Mixtape.