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Parental Advisory Label

The music industry takes its responsibility to help parents determine what may be inappropriate for their children seriously—that’s why RIAA and its member companies created the Parental Advisory Label (PAL) program.

PAL Standards

The Parental Advisory Label (PAL) is a notice to consumers that recordings identified by this mark may contain strong language or depictions of violence, sex or substance abuse. Read on for information on how record companies should use PAL.

For Students & Educators

College students are some of the most avid music fans. The music habits and customs they develop now are likely to stay with them for life, so it’s important for them to be educated about enjoying music legally and responsibly. See how students can help encourage a thriving music community that continues to support exciting new bands for current and future generations.

For Political Campaigns

Candidates and staff who plan to use music recordings and their underlying compositions for political campaigns should read on for a primer on the legal and ethical considerations for use of these works.

About Piracy

Music theft—or piracy—is constantly evolving as technology changes, and many different actions can qualify as piracy. Read on to learn to distinguish between legal and illegal practices.

Copyright Infringement Notices

Internet service providers may send customers notices regarding music copyright infringement. Read on for more about what they mean and what next steps to take.

Diversity and Social Change

Diverse perspectives, experiences, and voices are fundamental to music – and to a just society. RIAA and its members are proud to have been part of recent efforts to change discriminatory laws and the longer-term work of building a more inclusive and equitable music business. It’s a job that will never be finished – but here is some of the work we have done.


U.S. copyright law guarantees copyright owners certain exclusive rights. Read more about these rights, intended to encourage the dissemination of information to the public while ensuring that copyright owners are fairly compensated—and provided the incentive to continue to create.

Technical Standards

Industry and technical standards help build consumer confidence and reduce costs for all participants in the music distribution chain. Read more about our efforts to develop standards for data publishing and exchange, recording technology and music data security.

Music Services

Today there are more places than ever to download, stream and buy music. Whether you prefer listening to music on vinyl music or streaming it online (or both), there are lots of options out there for you.

Questions about Podcasts

Podcasts are digital audio files that a user can typically download or stream.  Often,


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