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American music is enjoyed worldwide, and is one of the leading U.S. exports — culturally and economically. Music fuels U.S. economic growth, job creation and trade competitiveness. Creators depend on strong protection and enforcement of copyright around the world to promote these contributions here at home. However, the American music community faces significant challenges globally, particularly in the digital environment. These include efforts to weaken protections for creators, widespread theft, and other barriers that diminish the value of creative content.

RIAA works through a variety of channels, including with U.S. and foreign governments, international organizations, and other industry and non-governmental partners, to strengthen and reinforce the rights of music creators throughout the world and remove barriers to the creation and distribution of music in foreign markets.

We support a forward-looking trade policy that advances American economic growth, job creation, and trade competitiveness through promoting creativity and protecting creators. The future of trade in musical content and services, and the music community’s significant contributions to the U.S. economy, are built on a strong foundation of respect for creativity, reflecting both today’s streaming economy and tomorrow’s digital future.

We are members of the following organizations dedicated to the advancement of trade policy that promotes American creativity:

Alliance for Trade Enforcement:
Copyright Alliance:
Digital Creators Coalition:
Global Innovation Policy Center:
International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA):