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December 15, 2021 |Gold & Platinum

RIAA’s 2021 Year-End Gold & Platinum Awards

2021 was a remarkable year for music, including Gold & Platinum Awards. Just 16 albums and 98 singles released this year achieved RIAA certification! All RIAA Awards are available at

See all 2021’s Best Albums here.
See all 2021’s Best Singles here.

“In a landmark year for our nearly sixty-five-year-old Gold & Platinum Program, RIAA awarded more than 100 titles released in 2021 across many genres and styles of music. These awards mark the pinnacle of creative and commercial success in our business and celebrate artists and their label partners who connected so powerfully with their fans and the broader culture this past year. Congratulations to RIAA’s 2021 honorees!”
— Liz Kennedy, Senior Vice President, Gold & Platinum Awards, RIAA

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